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Upgrading your regular givers

upgrading your regular givers donations
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Our top six tips for making sure your upgrade program is kicking goals:   

1. Say ‘thank you’.  

Delivering a heartfelt thank you is the key reason you are making this call.   

2. Demonstrate the impact and be specific.  

Report back on campaigns your donors have supported, what it means to beneficiaries and how you couldn’t do it without them.   

3. Discuss current campaigns with urgency. 

Highlight your most urgent projects/campaigns/challenges and why their support is critical. 

4. Make the ask. 

Be clear about how your donors can help financially and what impact that will have.  

5. Say ‘thank you’ again. 

This time – for increasing their gift or, if they say no, for the support and impact they are already making.  

6. Do your housekeeping. 

Clarify communication preferences, pick up additional contact points, doublecheck the details you have on file.   

By honing in on the delivery of your communication and being more intentional to follow the tried and tested framework for effectively upgrading your regular givers, you’ll have a better chance of increasing your conversion rate and seeing a return. 

Need more tips on how to upgrade your regular givers specifically for your program style? The team at Raisers Hub can help, book in a free 15-minute discovery call to find out more.