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8 Reasons to love reactivation programs

reactivation fundraiser programs
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Every regular giving base has a rate of donor churn (attrition) and having a reactivation program in place will reduce that, and help you grow.  You don’t need whopper volumes to justify calling them.  If you don’t have one in place, here are some reasons to get it going: 

1. Excellent cost per acquisition (CPA)  

Reactivation is a very cost-effective option to grow your base. It will be well below the CPA on new leads. Some deeply lapsed segments may be a similar cost to acquisition, but with better Year 1 attrition, and zero lead cost, they are still worth including.  

2. Lower Year 1 attrition  

Reactivated supporters will have a lower Year 1 attrition rate than brand new regular givers.  Fun fact: supporters recruited via facetoface will have lower attrition when brought back on board, via telefundraising.  

3. Strong average value 

Supporters who are reactivated are generous – they will come back on board, on or above the monthly average gifts you see on your acquisition program.  

4. Improve your overall acquisition ROI 

In reality, reactivation programs are really acquisition programs. These supporters aren’t giving to you, and if you didn’t reactivate them, you have to go and acquire through another source. When you look at your overall acquisition activity, all your KPI’s will improve by injecting reactivations as part of that mix because the results are so strong.  

5. Lead costs add up quickly! 

Lapsed supporters are leads you already have. Why buy a new one if you don’t have to? 

6. They are much ‘warmer’ than acquisition leads  

Lapsed supporters know what you do and were engaged at some point – help them reconnect with their motivation for giving in the first place as their response rates when compared with acquisition, will be stronger.  

 7. Circumstances change 

The reason a donor has actively lapsed, may not be a factor in why they wouldn’t support you now. Assuming supporters can’t/don’t want to give because they cancelled, missed a few payments, there is a recession or even a pandemic, is crystal ball territory.  Our advice? Pick up the phone and have a chat. Trust us, supporters will tell you straight if it’s a no. But you haven’t lost anything – make the call a great experience, and when they can start giving again, you’ll be top of mind. 

8. It’s a data cleanse. 

Check supporter details. Update or add to them so you can keep in touch.  

 Want to introduce or upgrade your reactivation program? The team at Raisers Hub can help, book in a free 15-minute discovery call to find out more.