For fundraisers who need to convince their board that regular giving is worth it.

Build an undeniably strong case for regular giving

A FREE guide
to get your board on board
with regular giving

Here's what is covers:

.. but there’s a way around it and we’ve listed the common pushbacks with powerful, mind-changing responses!

A FREE downloadable guide to get your board on board with regular giving.

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Created by Mel Jenkins,
Founder and Managing Director, Raisers Hub

What we did and what they're saying ...

Like many organisations, when we met the team at Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF), they were focussed on the fundraising channels that have traditionally been the most successful for them. For ILF that included efforts targeted at corporates, partnerships and major donors – all of which are inherently the most-risky in challenging economic times.

This is where helping clients model and test programs with our complete support has literally been the gamechanger that’s helped them convince their boards that regular giving is indeed a stellar idea! In the case of ILF – who also went through the testing phase – by the end of the process, their board were more confident and decided to go ahead and expand their programs.

“Over the past 18 months we have been working with Raisers Hub to diversify our fundraising and reduce our risk profile. Critical to that has been the growth of our regular giving income, which they have helped us to double! The Raisers Hub team is so great to work with – they’ve provided guidance, support and advice that has helped us define our regular giving strategy and respond quickly to campaign and budget changes without compromising service or results.”
David Stewart – Relationships Manager
Indigenous Literacy Foundation

A FREE downloadable guide to get your board on board with regular giving.

But I don't have the evidence,
stats of confidence to convince my board?

Not a problemo!

This free downloadable guide is for those who ...

A FREE downloadable guide to get your board on board with regular giving.

Hey! I'm Mel,

Founder and Managing Director of Raisers Hub. Having worked in fundraising for 20+ years, across all cause types, there’s one thing I’m sure of… having a solid, data-driven regular giving program is literally the difference between those who thrive and those who don’t.

Every year we recruit 15,000 new Regular Givers via telefundraising for our clients

Understanding that fundraisers are well up to speed with the power of regular giving, and its ability to generate long term (practically automated) donations, it’s often the board that fundraisers are trying to convince.

To help get these worthy causes one huge step closer to setting up their program, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to build an undeniably strong case for regular giving.

A FREE downloadable guide to get your board on board with regular giving.

Still wondering?

Here are a few FAQ’s that others have asked over time:

WHAT IF WE’VE NEVER DONE REGULAR GIVING BEFORE Perfect, this guide will identify why it’s so important and the ways it could transform supporter communication, management and value like never before.
WHAT IF WE’VE TRIED IT BEFORE AND IT DIDN’T WORK Usually we find for clients who have tried it before but didn’t see the return, there were some important foundational processes and numbers that weren’t worked out correctly. This guide will actually help to bring to light those blind spots so that a data-driven plan can be accurately created.
WHAT IF I KNOW OUR ORGANISATION DOESN’T HAVE FUNDING? There are ways to generate the revenue, to eventually put together a regular giving program. This guide will be about determining the investment needed… as for generating the investment that’s definitely an area we can help.
WHAT IF I HAVE A PROGRAM ALREADY? Great! This guide will help with presenting an even stronger case for next steps OR can be used for other programs.

A FREE downloadable guide to get your board on board with regular giving.